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CODCash Loadout System

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You can say that the CODCash Loadout System is the combination of Black Ops 2's Pick 10 System and Homefront's Ability Points System. Instead of points like in the Pick 10 System, we are using a currency system instead. This doesn't act like CODPoints in Black Ops 1, for this affects your loadout only; you get tokens and such like in BO2 to unlock weapons, equipment, etc.... There is also no perk limit, thus you can purchase more than 6, depending on the cost.
At the top of the Perk List, you will see how each piece of equipment will cost and the total of CODCash a loadout can purchase (2500c).

Parkour allows constant high jumps, without fatigue.
Throwback allows you to pick up armed semtex grenades from surfaces, except when stuck.
Dead Silence negates the effects of Eavesdrop, and vice-versa.
Respirator reduces the effects flash and stun from tactical grenades.
Marksman allows you to hold your breath to any weapon without a scope.
Recon paints targets you damage as a constant red dot (not directional) for a period of time.
Recon paints targets on all friendly maps.
Sitrep will zoom-out the view of the mini-map, not the box itself.
Sitrep will mark friendly deaths on your map for a short period of time.
Hard-Wired grants immunity to any jammers.
Hard-Wired will prevent your mini-map from disappearing while scoped.
Lifeline heals you 30% faster than normal (3.5sec).
Lifeline prevents you from slowing down from shellshock.
Hardline increases point gains by 20% for rewardstreaks.
Commando increases melee range by 35%
Cold-Blooded negates the effects of Marksman.
Cold-Blooded negates the effects of any targeting optics (e.g. thermal).
Ninja negates the effects of Recon.
Lightweight allows you to change stances faster from standing to crouch, crouching to prone, and vice-versa (not standing to prone).
Scavenger can replenish ammo and equipment from any player killed by non-explosive weapons.
Scavenger cannot replenish Tactical Insertions, unless none exists in play.
Promotion increases XP gains by 40%, except challenges.
Blind Eye prevents controlled rewardstreaks from targeting your location.
Overkill cannot be used with One Man Army and Specialist, and vice-versa.
Tactician cannot be used with Danger Close, and vice-versa.
One Man Army replaces your secondary weapon with a OMA bag.
One Man Army allows you to change into a different class from the current one by switching to the OMA bag.
One Man Army saves new changes in a used class, until death (picked-up weapon, no equipment, limited ammo, etc...).


Airburst Launcher can set a distance for detonation.
Lock-on System shortens launcher lock on time by 50% (1 beep).
Digital Scope highlights enemies in white within a digital scale view.
V System reduces the numbers in recoil of a weapon.
Foregrip increases a weapon's centerspeed by 25%.
Variable Zoom grants a small sniper scope to weapons without a scope already.
Select Fire changes a weapon's fire-mode to automatic, burst, or semi-auto.
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