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CODForums is revamped!

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Back in 2010, I moved CODForums from the old server to the new one, and the result was that I could not use the old vB3 skin that cost the original owner around $1000 just to get designed and coded. Because of the errors that ensued, I upgraded the site to vB4. More problems ensued. I then moved the site to xenForo and have kept the site on a light, stock xenForo skin for a whole year. I was struggling with capital shortages. I bootstrapped the entire network to get more money to pay for the skin. So, today, I have purchased a skin for CODForums and now you're seeing a beautiful dark skin!

Bear with me while I make constant edits over the next few weeks.

I originally wanted to get a custom skin done by this time, but I can't. So, ZeroHour would have to do until I get the funds to do a custom job.
Not open for further replies.

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