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CODForums reaches new Milestones

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Hello, everyone. I want to take this moment to say "Thank You." I am humbled by the new milestones that CODForums has made over the last 3 months now. So, let me start out by saying Thank You for coming to CoDForums.com! Thanks for participating, thanks for creating threads, posts, and connecting with other players. I bought CoDForums.com in late 2010 to create a friendly community of gamers who come together by asking questions, and answers. In the background, the forums was a central place for player matchmaking. Players sometimes want to link up with others to create or form a common bond in winning games. Some come here to recruit for new players into their clans.

I think I've accomplished my goal, but there's ways to go. Today, we're celebrating milestones.

Not everyone will notice this, but CoDForums has been bubbling with more users being logged in than ever before. You can see this on the mainpage of CoDForums, and realize it's an active forum now...


The reason why I took this image, while I was logged in, is because this was the maximum amount of users logged in at the same time. (F.Y.I. Strikeout = Banned, Darker colors = Invincible User.)

That's not all, CODForums reached 12,000 Members, too.


I expect this to grow by the end of this year when the next title drops. This number, while not milestone "worthy," it speaks to how big the site has gotten over the years. This is reflected in the background...

In all of my years, I've been recording how many users has logged, visited, and participated. Next image is only visible to me, and only to me, but it speaks to how big of a site CoDForums.com is...


The last time this record was broken, was when Call of Duty Ghost was released in 2013. 1 Thousand visited the site. Oh, no, you don't believe me? Voila...


When I tell you that there are a lot of users, and a lot of views to the site... You best believe what I say, because the next image is the milestone I am most proud of....


The last time I saw the milestone broken it was a few weeks ago, on March 27th, when Warzone was about to be revealed. Season 3 broke the record for the amount of pageviews recorded in a day...


From my Admin Control Panel, I can see more statistics being recorded, and it's good news. More users log in than you'd think...


Still think we're done? No...


We've reached 10 Thousand Threads! :)

Thus far, everyone is playing nice, asking questions, and answering those questions. Thanks to all of you for doing that.

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From someone returning after a basically 8 year hiatus. This brings a tear to my baby gamer eye. Grown so much! Congrats Carlos!
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