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CODForums Upgraded and Revamped!

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I was able to get xenForo upgraded to a new version. Then I got to upgrade the skins, and then added a new skin. There are a lot of new updates with this release.

- Mobile compatible. You don't need Tapatalk anymore to view this site. But if you love Tapatalk, I will leave it on until I feel it's outlived it's purpose. It's responsive, so your iPad, your Galaxy phones will be able to see the site as it's displayed.

- Edit box has been upgraded to work on all devices. More control, and easy on the eyes.

- Userbars. These are stock with xenForo 1.2. I will edit these to conform to Call of Duty style.

- Better spam prevention tools. I will add a second layer to this after I'm finished with this new style. Scratch that.

- Lighter pageload, speedy updates, and whatnot.

Welcome to the next generation CODForums! :)
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Its is a really really nice upgrade, I can defiantly feel the smooth load times and navigation of the site.

Good job Carlos!


I am usually on here using my phone. This upgrade is excellent. I believe you people across the pond would say "awsome". Much easier to navigate and read.
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