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codmw ttk


hi . i didn't realize much people complain how fast is ttk in this game i am playing many fps games and this game is crap with its time to kill .like they make it for console players to have fun i realized the fail of the multi cross option .this game meant for campers and no skills noobs with almost no weapon recoil and no bullet drop add to this the fast ttk

Yeah I only play the hardcore modes because the ttk just seems way to high on the core modes.

Same reason I don't like warzone. I just can't stand bulletsponge shooter


that is true some times i got kills by luck and happen to other people i mean why people accept this crap and dont boycott it .ill never ever buy cod again i just bought this one cuz i didn't like bfv
I actually love Battlefield V. I have just played it waaay to much, so decided to give MW a try while I wait for the next BF game.

I like MW, but only the hardcore modes.

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