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Hello, I want to invite you to CAGCLAN.com the home of COMBAT APPLICATIONS GROUP. CAG has been around since 2005 but our roots go way to Counter Strike on PC, SOCOM on the PS3 and Ghost Recon on the XBOX and we hold ourselves to a high standard of loyalty and dedication to the Clan.

All interested in joining CAG must register by clicking here. Once this form is filled and submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail so make sure that you provide a valid e-mail account.

You will have to activate your account before you can access certain areas of the website.

After you active your account fill out the Clan Application form. Make sure you answer all the questions as this will serve as your Introduction. Once you submit your application a new topic/thread will be automatically created with all the information you gave when you filled out the clan application. This topic/thread will be used to let you know if you were accepted into the clan or not.


  • Must be (REGISTERED) on our website and submit a (CLAN APPLICATION)
  • Must be 18 years old (some exceptions apply)
  • Must have a working headset
  • Must communicate during games

How does the recruitment process work?

The recruitment process to join CAG is very straight forward. You register on our website and fill out an application. Once the application has been submitted you should be ready for any game invitations to play with the Clan.

In your application thread you will be given a list of all the members you should have on your friends list, the more of these members you have the easier and faster you get to play with the clan.

Recruitment also comes by way of a direct clan invite during a public lobby game. If you receive a direct invite a try out "IS NOT" necessary and you are automatically accepted into the Clan. You will have 3 days to register on our website/forums to be added to the official clan roster. If you do not register within those 3 days you will be removed from the Clan, no exceptions!


Tryouts for CAG are conducted during public lobby games and may come at any time, so be prepared to receive a game invite by other clan members.

Unless you specify a date because of a complicated schedule on your part for a tryout, do not fail to accept a game invite.

Below is information with more detail on prospects and recruits.


A CAG prospect is someone who has been invited to join CAG by a Clan Member after seeing him/her play in a public lobby. Prospects have a slight advantage over a recruit in that they have already been scouted and the clan member or members that invited him to the Clan already liked what they saw. If you are referred to or invited to join the Clan you do not have to go through a try out and you are automatically accepted as an official Clan Member and you receive the rank of Private.

Once a prospect is accepted as an official Clan Member, they will be put on a 2 week probation period. During this period activity will be closely monitored and it is strongly advised to stay active as much as possible during this period.


A recruit is someone who has asked or requested to join CAG via a recruiting post or by simply visiting our website. All recruits must go through and pass a tryout session with the Clan.

All recruits must also go through a 2 week probation during which forum and xbox live activity for the game they are trying out for will be closely monitored.

Recruits must make sure the following requirements are completed:

  1. Must be registered and submit a clan application
  2. Must show up for schedule tryouts
  3. After tryout is completed, recruits must check in their application to see if they have been accepted into the Clan


  1. How well you communicate during the match
  2. If you are willing to follow orders, i.e., moving to a location on the map and holding that position until told to move

Recruits must contact any of the members from the list given to you on your application form thread through xbox live or on their application on the forums.

All decisions regarding a recruit's application will be announced on their application thread and "will not" be discussed on xbox live.


Don't worry about your personal score during matches, with time you will develop into a dominant player especially when playing objective games.

If you have a bad game don't get discouraged, the longer you play with us the better you will get. You are not going to be told you didn't make it into the Clan just because you had a bad game.

Play as many games with the Clan as possible. This will prove to the Clan that you really want to be part of them.

If you are invited to a game respond as quick as possible, not responding to an invite will give us the assumption that you are no longer interested in joining the Clan.

You are not obligated or required to be active on our forums. However, if you want to rank up in the clan or be eligible for clan matches you must reach certain posts counts or have a certain amount of time with the clan.

You can also find a lot of useful information in our forums. Use the forums to your advantage and to help you rank up faster in the Clan.
We are still recruiting for both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.

I am looking for proven leaders for some leadership positions on both games. We had a fallout and recruiting for both these games has surprisingly been somewhat of a challenge.

If you are looking for a leadership position in a clan contact me here or visit our website
We are still recruiting !!!

I am also looking for players who want to be part of our leadership ... If you feel like you can help as a leader send me a message on xbox live ..

I have 1 immediate position in the clan that will be in charge of leading members on Infinity Warfare ...
We are still recruiting !!! Drop by today, tomorrow or during the week !!!

Plenty of opportunities right now especially since we are in the process of gaining a very good sponsorship !!! Want to get free stuff? , then check us out !!! A lot of giveaways for the right people and plenty of ways to move up in the ranks.
Still recruiting you guys for the following games ..

  1. Black Ops 2
  2. Black Ops 3
  3. Infinite Warfare
  4. Modern Warfare Remastered

Drop by if you have leadership experience.
Just dropping by to remind everyone that we are still recruiting for all COD games ... I "am" looking for at least 3 players who have leadership experience and skills ... if you are interested don't waste any time ... visit our site and be sure to mention that you heard about leadership positions here ...
We are still recruiting you guys !!! Looking for experienced leaders to help with our playstation division and recruiting for COD WW2 !!! I will be compensating very well for hard work !!!!
We are recruiting for WW2 just like every other clan out there, but I am looking for 3-4 people who want to help leading our COD: WW2 Regiment.

If you are interested in being a co-leader in a proven and well established clan with a good system in place come check us out or post here. Below is our COD: WW2 recruitment campaign.

CAG (Combat Applications Group) the #1 clan on XBOX 1 is starting their recruitment campaign for the upcoming COD tittle WW II on XBOX One.

COD is going back to boots on the ground gameplay and CAG is very excited about COD WW II because of this. The last 3 COD tittles have been a disappointment not only for CAG but for gamers worldwide.

No more jetpack and wall running, no more "ENERGY RIFLES" that seem to freeze you and kill you even though you unloaded a full clip on your enemy. No more frustrating perks and killstreaks that made teamplay irrelevant because individual players just wanted to get 30 kills or more in a game just to proclaim themselves a "BEAST".

COD WW II should once again bring back the glory days of teamplay, belonging to a clan and good ole' "HEAVY METAL" firefights in the trenches ! Clans will once again look appealing to gamers who loved and remember COD before the jetpack era.

One of the main reasons for CAG's success in recruiting is the proven clan structure it has in place. Recruits are given many opportunities from the minute they submit their application to join.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 were major disappointments due to the direction Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch decided to go in by making both games more futuristic than "boots on the ground" which was the main reason Call of Duty took over and dethroned previous shooters like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and SOCOM: Navy Seals.

Many clans as well as CAG saw a decline in member retention due to the futuristic setting of both Advance Warfare and Black Ops 3 which made it difficult to play as a clan due to the high paced action. Most clans play in a very organized manner which includes setting up and waiting for the enemy to come to them instead of running around as lonewolves.

Call of Duty: WW II is expected to be easier to recruit for that the last few COD tittles and CAG looks forward to the challenge of getting some of the best gamers out there to join them.
Yes Sir ! We are still recruiting !!!! I am looking for a Co-Leader to help with recruitment for us ... as Co-Leader expect to make a lot of decisions in the clan's matters from recruiting to promotion of current and new members.

I will also be compensating the Co-Leader for his/her hard work.

Don't miss this opportunity, are you ready to take on a leadership role?
Still recruiting and looking for Leaders ...

I am also looking for small clans that are looking to merge into an already well established clan. Upon joining CAG, Leaders of their clans will enter the clan as Officers holding the rank of Generals and be designated as Co-Leaders and the right to make decisions regarding all clan matters.

Visit our site at CAGCLAN.com, it's not easy to start a clan and even more difficult to keep one going as long as I have. We have been around since 2000 and I still plan on going on for as long as I can.

I look forward to hearing from clan Leaders about this invitation to join us. Together we can continue on stronger and better.
Still recruiting ... with the new maps now out we want to see players who are looking for a clan to be a part of. If you want to join a clan that you can just game with and not worry about immaturity, daily or weekly meetings then come check us out.

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