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Multi Come Join Hope clan! Need people for tournaments!

Come join Hope Clan today!
We are currently looking for anyone 18+ to come join us for CMG tournaments on modern warfare. We are running warzone kill race tournaments, 4v4SnD cdl tournaments, and 2v2 gunfight tournaments.
we also run causal play on warzone, hardcore mosh pit, and regular core mosh pit game modes.
we are currently 72 members strong always looking for new and active players to join our rosters! For more information,
We have many different options to contact us and stay informed as we expand.

Our website: https://therealhopeclan.shivtr.com
Our Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/therealHOPEclan/?ref=bookmarks
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/fSRhBay
Our Regiment Admins: HopeXdeadly Arrowslit Muggster101 HopeXwhal3r The baba yaga
Our business emails for any issues contacting us: HopeXdeadly@gmail.com Arrowslitgaming@gmail.com cobrastrike786@gmail.com justinluttrell.1@icloud.com

Thank you for Listening Can't wait to meet the next faces of hope clan!

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