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Comparing COD to Other Games

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Is it more/same/less fun? How about in comparison to other adventure games, or even specifically, war ones - as in with 20th/21st century weapons? Anyway, what can be done to improve the game so it can compete better?


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I've also really enjoyed CoD except recently and with the exception of the Black Ops series. MW3, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, etc. All games I didn't put much time in at all and didn't really enjoy because they were trying to emulate other games. I like when CoD sticks to being itself and that doesn't mean I don't want innovation and new things, but don't try to emulate.

I'm afraid that this game is going to be trying that too with the Overwatch/Fornite model with Hero type gameplay and a Battle Royale mode, however, I believe that Treyarch is the best developer left for CoD and Vonderhaar usually makes fun games.
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