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Comparison Between Games

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Personally, I feel that Advanced Warfare is the best Call of Duty recently. Ghosts was really mediocre, and the developers had a lot of space for improvement. Advanced Warfare feels really neat compared to the other Call of Duty's out there, and is one of my favorites so far. Your thoughts?


Compared to Ghosts, I fell that the developers could have made any kind of Call of Duty. ut even so, they went above and beyond for Advanced Warfare. The game truly feels "next generation" and at 60 frames per second, it's difficult to go back to other games that can lag sometime and enjoy them. Ghosts was just a nightmare all around though.


It's definitely one of the best ones of all time and blows the MW series out of the water (it's actually fun). The PC port is solid and it is gorgeous at 1440p 120FPS, and other than the big problems of dedicated server availability,
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