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Continuous Scanning files


Hi Everyone! - I was talked back into COD since COD MW2 and I started with Warzone to see what my cousin kept braggin' about and I must say I'm very impressed with the latest gaming on COD to the point I got Black Ops and Cold War. I've been having a great time playing the game until now with this issue.

Late night on 6/1/2021 going into 6/2/2021, about 3 am I was having issues with my sound being distorted when a specific scorestreak is called in, so I decided to Scan & Repair game and at the end, I received an Error message and to try the process again. I did and several times the same Error message, so I shut down the PC and called it a night. The next day I went to play the game and it promptly went into saying Update -> Scanning files -> Scan Complete -> Then it goes back to Scanning files all over, continuously every time Scan is Complete the cycle continues and if I stop it, it says Update?!... I don't know what to do at this moment, I'm stuck! - I don't want to uninstall the game because I have everything finally set as possible for me to be comfortable.

Can anyone help with this issue? I really will appreciate the help.

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