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This is just my opinion of course, but Bo3 had;

1. Good gunplay

2. Did advanced movement right

3. Wasn't pay to win

4. DLC weapons and items could be unlocked without paying

5. Grinding actucally felt rewarding

6. Good maps

7. Amazing zombies

8. Specialists were fun and well balanced

9. Cool cosmetics that weren't low effort or copy pasted

10. Community was actually cool and wasn't afraid to swear or trash talk

11. Almost no cheaters, even on console

12. Still has an active playerbase in 2022 across console and PC

I can see why some don't like advanced movement and the campaign was horrible, but that's the only real issues I see with the game and honestly I don't mind either since I personally like advanced movement and the campaign was fun to play with friends even if it sucked.


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The game was good, but not the best.

Black Ops 2 is better, and that is widely acceptable. People agree that BO2 is as good as the top 4 games. I rank it up there with CoD4...

1. CoD4
2. Modern Warfare 2
3. Black Ops 2
4. Advanced Warfare
5. Black Ops 3
6. Infinite Warfare
7. Call of Duty Ghosts
8. Call of Duty WWII
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