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CP gone?

I have been playing MW on PC since release and I just bought the Ps4 version as I wont be home for the next few weeks and my ps4 pro is pretty easy to bring with me.

All my stats and unlocks carried over from PC to Ps4 but I just noticed all my CP is gone.

Is the CP locked to the platform you got them on or did something messed up?


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I can't be certain but I think there is an issue with linking between PS4 and PC accounts, if your CP still exist on the PS4 side of things then I think it should be sorted in a future update.
Im not actually sure if they were there when I started playing the ps4 version today.

I kinda feel like I would have noticed it sooner if they werent, as have played for atleast a couple of hours on ps4 today, but only noticed the CP counter was at zero as I was about to log of.

I know for sure that they were there on PC this morning though.

Got my Gf to start the game on my PC at home to check and my CP are still there on the pc. Apparently the CP's are locked to the platform they were unlocked on.

This seems like a pretty bad design choice imo. Every time a new season has started I bought the battlepass with points earned in the previous season.

Now on season 4 though i'll be playing a lot of it on Ps4 Pro. So I could actually end up not having enough points in one place to buy the season 5 pass without having to buy more CP.

If there's 1300 points in total in season 4 like on season 3 and I complete around half of the pass on Ps4 and the other half on pc, then I could end up with like 600 on one platform and 700 on the other. (And I would be forced to buy additinal CP from the store)

Seems like a big oversight that every damn thing is synchronized between platforms except for the CP.

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