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So since yesterday the game became just unplayable.
I did have a crash here and there but thats it. Since yesterday its being nothing but crashing.
Can't finish one game without the game crashing.
Every damn time I do a scan and repair never does it so anything.
I'm at the point where I simply don't understand wtf is going on.
I always update my drivers I have the newest hardware I checked by playing other games.. every other game runs perfect.
I have re installed the game several times I even manually changes some settings down in the script of the game to run at 60% vram and that has helped to make the game noticeable smoother. However the crashes its unplayable.
I like zombies and not being able to go past round 6 because the game crashes is disgusting.
Every one of my drivers is updated as I always do.
I run a ryzen 5 5600x non overclocked I run a 4 dimm memory kit of 3600mhz I run a rtx 3080 with rtx off in game its factory overclocked and water cooled.
I done every damn test and trouble shoot there is nothing fixes it.
Someone know a fix of am I better of just quiting the damn game all by itself because Its not playable

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