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[DakadoRotu] Custom zombie survival server with WWII weapons and MW3 weapons

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Welcome to the DakadoRotu mod!

Do you know ROTU mod for cod 4 ? Are you a fanboy of the classic survival in CoD Waw, but you want to play more dynamic game with
more players and maps ? Now you can! I have made a new ROTU mod branch, based on the latest source
from original developers of rotu, called DakadoRotu. We are trying to make the mode more dynamic and
fun even in high rounds. If you have any new ideas dont worry to contact us here on forum.

Whats in the mod ?

- Tons of zombies and mutants trying to kill you
- All CoD 4 weapons with upgrade system
- All CoD 5 WAW weapons with upgrade system
- Some MW3 weapons (works in progress)
- Sentry guns
- Revive system
- 30+ Custom survival maps
- Barricades
- Weapon shop

Join now! (CoD4X requiered, if you join you will be prompted to install it, install is automatic then)

Whats new ?
New WaW weapons:
+ added PPSH
+ added FG-42
+ added Gehewr 43 (+ silenced version)
+ added Type 100
+ added Bar
+ added Thompson (+ silenced version)
+ added DP-28
+ added M1 Garand
+ added  SGT-44
+ added Mosin-Nagant
+ added Kar 98k
+ added Type 99
+ added Trench Gun
+ added Tokarev
+ added SVT 40
+ added PTRS 41
+ added MP 40 (+ silenced version)
+ added M1 Carabine

New MW3 weapons:
+ added Scar-H
+ added Scar-H silencer

Added new weapons from original CoD 4 that were removed from this mode due to replacement with another weapons like zombie attacks or so:

+ added M1014
+ added M4
+ added M4 Reflex
+ added M4 silencer
+ added MP5
+ added MP5 silencer
+ added P90 silencer
+ added AK47 reflex
+ added AK47 silencer
+ added AK74u
+ added AK74U reflex
+ added  AK74U silencer
+ added G3 reflex
+ added G36c
+ added G36c silencer

New features:
+ New weapon shop (weapons unlockable by certain score goals)
+ New Missions! (complete all of them to receive special weapons like Minigun or Flamethrower)
+ Boosted damage of many bolt-action rifles (Mosin, Kar98, M1 garand and Sniper rifles) to make them relevant and make the mod less "hold your fire button until reload and repeat...)

What we are working on right now ?
- New zombie models (nazi zombies)
- Missions (active in game tasks)
- More sniper rifles
- Killstreaks specials like in CoD WAW (nuke, max ammo, one shot kill, double exp)
- Better weapon upgrade system (menu-based)
- Boss zombie drops (boosts or some support packages)
- Gas masks (anti crawler)
- New weapon textures from MWR (CoD 4 remastered)


Staff member
This is a server that you go to, with a mod. Think promod but pre-loaded. However, it requires a download once you enter the server, and as said in the OP, it downloads files onto your computer - small files, really. It only downloads textures and MP3 fules as noted in the notes. We are still recommending you to be mindful. Understand that this is your responsibility.

CODForums isn't responsible. I hope that is clear. If you need support, go to the mod creator.
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