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PSN DaRk Gaming Is Recruiting


Jul 15, 2017
Hello and welcome!
We are DaRk Gaming [DaRk] And Are Currently Recruiting For PS4 OverWatch And Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Modern Warfare Remastered Cod WW2 And Many More.
We Are A Well Established Clan
As A Clan We Don't Tolerate:
-Trash Talkers
-Cheating In Any Form
Our Rules Are As Follow:
1. Must Have A Mic
2. Must Speak English
3. Age Requirement Is 15+
4. Be Respectful!
5. Be A Team Player With A Good Personality
6. Be Active Is A Must!
Pm Me For Info On Any Team Or Just In The Clan

Looking For 2 Active For Comp Call of duty Players

New Overwatch Team Looking For Competitive No Ego Players
Jul 18, 2017
Interested. Don't play IW. I have BO3 but I'm very very rusty. Mainly play MWR. Took nearly 2 years off from CoD because I can't stand the boost jumping. Picked up IW because of MWR. Started playing again and had a .7 K/D. Since then I have raised my K/D took a 1.36 with a 317-319 SPM. Add me, Cityzen_21
Jul 15, 2017
Coming from xbox to PlayStation so I can play competitive. I have over a 4 K/D on xbox in infinite warfare, and I just started on PlayStation so I'm only a level 8. I would really love to join a comp team
Jul 18, 2017
Im not a new COD player but i am a new IW player..I hate IW..with a passion but with WW2 coming out i need to get back into it. If you wann give me a shot my psn is my username. Im 22 and have mic.
Jul 6, 2017
I'm a 15 year old female and I'm a very active player, my main games are IW, MWR and BO3. My PsN is gingyninjy13.

I've been playing for many years now, and I would say I'm an experienced player. I would like to join the COD team.

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