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David Vonderhaar says Prestige Master Hackers will be dealt with

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There are a few hacks that allow you to speed straight to Prestige Master on PS3. A user asked Mr. Vonderhaar if these accounts will be reset or worse.. He answered that it's a "100% Chance" that they will be reset or banned from Black Ops 2.
So, what does Treyarch intend to do with these pretenders? According to game director David "Vahn" Vonderhaar, they are getting their stats and prestige ranks reset!

This was revealed by Vahn himself earlier in the day when a fan asked on Twitter if there's a chance that people who glitched/hacked their way to Master Prestige will get their accouts resetted.
Source: Gameranx

So, folks, there you have it. Don't modify your account to get that Prestige Master. You want to play legit. :)

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