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DC comics or Marvel?


Is there a universe you prefer more than the other?
honestly, out of bias..i'm sorry but how could no one not choose Marvel.
I prefer DC overall, I like Marvel a lot, but DC has always just been better at hooking me with their plots. There are more DC arches in comics that I love than there are for Marvel. The DC cinematic universe on the other hand...


haha, they're less of sellouts in the end. might explain the more engaging plots.
anyone you like the most from the DC?
I grew up on Batman. I'm also pretty fond of Zatanna (wish she got more attention). Recently I have been re-reading a lot of Green Lantern Corps. I also have been meaning to hunt done some of the Justice League:Dark stuff.


Movies = Marvel, they simply dominate the market having so many good movies XD
Tv Shows/Animated Movies/Comics = DC by far! Young Justice is one of my favorite cartoons ever and DC Rebirth is really epic :)

Bloody L

I grew up on The X-Men and Spider-Man. I'm talking stuff like the Phoenix Saga, Secret Wars, Venom Origin, Wolverine in Madripoor, Days of Future past, Age of Apocolypse, etc. Of course, that also means I grew up on the artwork of Rob Liefeld...

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