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Hey my name is TehQloo or Dylan and Defying Logic is recruiting TOP TIER players for our clan. Defying Logic has been a clan since MW3. We like to think of our clan more as a family because of the laid back chill fun atmosphere we create for our members. We are competitive yet chill clan who is looking for above average players to join. If you want to kill noob's you cant be a noob. We are a starting over we used to be red clan tags diamond division but a member hacked my account and took over my clan under a different name so we are currently level 15 and growing fast. i am extremely active so i will respond very quickly if you need to get a hold of me I am on for 12+ hours a day as well. I am dedicated to helping everyone grow as a team. During clan wars we take it very serious and focus on winning. We have a team twitch as well as a youtube that we plan to post on for Black Ops 3. I have a background in competitive COD so i am willing to teach callouts, map rotations, and spawns. We will be sticking to a maximum roster size of 10 so the 10 players that show me they can be active during clan wars, have good gun skill as well as teamwork and speak in game using call outs, will be the people that stay in this clan. If you show me that you cannot stay consistent with how active you are or you have an ego you will be let go. We plan to move this clan to black ops 3 and future call of duties! If you are interested in joining make sure you meet the requirements below
Minimum K/D: 1.20!
Have and use a Mic (for call outs & conversation)
Be Active!!!! (one of the biggest things)
Play with clan members
Socialize (Dont be Shy we are very outgoing)
Respect each other
No little kids. Age does not matter to us its how mature you are
Be LOYAL!!!! (thats one the biggest things)
PLAY CLAN WARS! (no show to clan wars = immediate kick from the clan)
Make a Kik and add Dylanadams1218
Learn Callouts
Have Advanced Warfare companion app
US or Canada
If you meet all of these requirements or have around them add and message TehQloo for a tryout.
P.s after our first clan wars we have moved to platinum division(null).jpg IMG_0256.jpg


Defying Logic

Defying Logic is a highly skilled PS4 Call Of Duty clan established in 2011. We excel in competitive objective based game modes where team work is most needed! We constantly strive to build a family oriented atmosphere for our members. We like to look at our selves more as a family then just a team of people, because we are close and work together to overcome hardships. When in game we use communication (callouts) so we can tactically out play the enemy and build chemistry with each other. Our founding members have competed competitively at MLG and UMG events across the U.S. We are currently looking to put together dL White & dL Black to compete in tournaments (twitter, UMG, GB) and fight for #1. We are diverse because we offer your sanctuary for causal pub players looking to build friendships as well as the sanctuary for experienced competitive players.

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1.30+ Kill Death Ratio

1.00+ Win loss Ratio

Lives in North America

Prestige 4+

Active every day

Follow dL on social media (YouTube: TeamDefyingLogic , Twitch: TeamDefyingLogic)

Must have Kik app

Must have a headset

Must be willing to learn callouts if you aren't familiar

15+ Years old

Contact Us

-Friend & message TehQloo on PSN

-Tweet @WhosQloo on Twitter

-Apply via Advanced Warfare companion app by searching Defying Logic

Join Us

If you would like to join dL, the first step in the recruitment process is to follow us on social media. Once completed then contact us using the methods above. We will then discuss whether to give you a tryout to see if you mesh well with the team.

Past Clan Wars & Achievements

MW3 Ranked #4 clan overall on PS3

Black Ops 2 Ranked #3 overall on PS3

Ghosts Ranked #5 overall on PS3

Gamebattles MW3 overall record 343-70

Gamebattles Black Ops 2 overall record 415-83 top 5 in finals spring and summer seasons

Gamebattles Ghosts overall record 311-102 top 10 in fall and winter seasons

Placed 2nd to last at UMG Dallas 2012
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