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Desktop Graphic in DUAL Monitor Setup..


The Equalizer
I have a map of Caldera for the new WARZONE.. I also have a Dual Monitor setup running Windows 11..

I am wanting to put the map JPG on just ONE of the monitors and leave the default Windows 11 pic on my MAIN monitor...

Is this possible??



PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
You can try this:

The Official Windows way (as I remember it)

  • From the Windows 11 desktop, making sure no apps are visible (hold - Windows key and tap M to minimise all open Windows quickly).
  • Right click anywhere on the Desktop
  • Select Personalize from the context sensitive menu
  • Pick Background from the list of submenus on the right
  • Select the option for Picture
  • Select Browse Photos
  • Search through your Pictures or Downloads folders (I don't know where you keep these things, this is CoD Forums, not the CIA)
  • Pick you pic and click on the Choose PIcture button
I'm certain that hasn't really changed much or at all since Windows 10, but these Microsoft people love to mess with our heads, right?

Now I think you can make it possible to show 1 picture on 1 screen and a different picture on the other, if you can't, try creating a Canvass in paint that is 1080 pixels high by 3840 pixels wide (assuming both screens are 1920x1080). Place your preferred picture of the background you want for monitor 2 (I don't know if that's left or right, sorry, and my friends in the CIA didn't care enough to breach your privacy over such a trivial matter) and fill the other half with an image you like, or set it to transparent, if that's possible. Save the image and then use that as your background.

Disclaimer - I don't really have friends in the CIA, nobody does. ;)


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
The lazy way, is to open the folder with your picture, right click on it and then select set as background.

I'll add a second screen later and experiment to see if you can change 1 screen without changing the other, but it does occur to me that even if both screens change to the map (does that count as cheating!) it won't matter because your game will be hiding the desktop so it won't matter anyway, right?


The Equalizer
Yea, I just started my weekend!! :D So I have a day and a half of CoD, CoD FORUMS and a bunch of projects... :D Plus I need to catch up on STAR TREK DISCOVERY and watch the JAGS lose again..

So, full weekend.. :D
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