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Disconnected due to transmission error. Status: Granite


Disconnected due to transmission error. Status: Granite. I am playing on a xbox one and this error code pops up multiple times when I try to search for a game. It kicks me out of tthe lobby if my friends have found a game. However this is annoying, mildly annoying at best.

The true problem is the packet loss i get during the game. I get from 4% to 22%. This makes the game quite unbearable. The thing is, my internet is not the problem at all. I had my ISP do an entire checkup and they got me a new router just in case. However, the same problem. The funny thing is, when i play with friends from other servers like Asia or America i have 0 packet loss but high ping which is to be expected. But when i connect to my homeserver in Ocenia, my ping is around 40 but packet loss 4% to 22%. its never consistent and varies between those numbers.

iv tried restarting my router, resetting it. Re-installing the game, opening UNPN, changing the DNS server, creating a DMZ, port forwarding. None of them work. I have even deleted all the modern warfare files off my xbox.

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