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Disconnecting from nearly all matches suddenly (xbox)


I know there's lots of posts out there in general about connection/server issues, but this is a brand new issue for me, and I cannot find anyone else with the exact same issue.

Basically every single match without fail, the world will appear to freeze (as if time is frozen) but I can still walk around. Then within about 20 seconds, I crash to the lobby with an error about losing connection. It happens virtually 100% of the time, if I live long enough (usually about 10 minutes into the match or so).

It's only been happening for about 4 or 5 days now. My wife plays on her xbox in the same house, no issues (so not my internet). I've completely deleted and reinstalled, no luck. And I don't have the issue with any other games. I'm completely stumped.

Any Thoughts?

I've played this game hours a day since launch and never had connection issues before. This is on the Series X, fyi, wired connection.

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