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DMZ dmz doing stupid things


has anyone went in to game and just did something stupid like today i went in to kill operators with a lachman platform with a supressor so i camp an exfil killed an operator on train and killed one at exfil then got smoked and got credit for it but not for mission because my weapon didnt have a suppressor im such an idiot.


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Been there done that I run my guns on semi auto and I am OK with dealing with that for PVP because I can control the gun better that way and be more accurate, granted at typical engagement distances on the train I want full auto. But yeah been killing bots then had 1 in the chamber and went POP reload DEAD.. yep.. yep yep..

and typically on my guns I will run the largest mag I can so yeah the BR I carry has a 50 round drum on it LOL /facepalm


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has anyone went in to game and just did something stupid like today.....
Yep, plenty of times, I've gone into game trying to chase an upgrade for a weapon, or XP to unlock something with the not just the wrong loadout, but the entirely the wrong weapon.


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I got a good deal on it, saved close to 30% on vouchers I got through work and staff discounts, the monitor is awesome, I've even had a bit of time to play a few games of Doom Eternal which looks incredible and runs at over 350 fps with RTX off in Ultra Nightmare settings.


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Sort of, I have only played about 2-4 hours, had the game for ages just not ever played it, as I said though, it looks good, and I didn't even mention the HDR mode takes it up to the next level.

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