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DMZ DMZ Is Growing On Me


The Equalizer
OK DMZ doesn't COMPLETELY suck...

Some things I like:

I like the AI Bots.. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. But put a designator in there to blatantly differentiate between AI Bots and actual Live Person Operators. Tactics on those are completely different.. For AI Bots I run and gun and blast everything and everyone.. LPOs?? I run away like hell!! :D

So, the AI Bots is a good thing..

I notice there is a lot of FAR CRY in DMZ.. Picking up useless shit and all.. Would be nice to give us unlimited rock throwing options to distract sentries though.....

Now, the bad..

For god's sake give us a normal load out that we don't have to re-populate every frakin' game!!! I get it that actual weapons are restricted until we level up.. OK.. Fine.. I can deal with that.. But jesus, locking the weapons you DO have available for 2 frakin' hours after a SINGLE game!?? What fraked in the head marketing genius thought THAT would be a good idea!???

Also, give us definable easy to understand missions that don't require a Bachelor's Degree to remember/figure out... A lot of gamers are old farts with memory and attention span issues who don't want to go back to school to learn a frakin' game!!

I miss parachuting into the game, but at least I don't have to worry about getting shot/killed before I set foot on the ground, so that's a plus..

Or, just fix it all and give us PLUNDER in all it's glory...

That would fix everything...

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