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DMZ DMZ woes

So is it me or is DMZ one of those "rinse and repeat" things that is just a lot more difficult than it really needs to be.

Unfortunately lately I been running in there solo to complete my lowly level 1 missions

I am now "stuck" on the last one for the stronghold.

I go in Ok geared try and get better gear and get snuffed by another team and or by some level 3 bots that I accidently stumble into.

So then my next move as I am not stocked up on gear is to go back in near naked ( sometimes I take the free loadout a lot of times I do not) I mean I carry a stim a throwing knife and a munitions box loadout ( seems my aim with knives is not that good )

So I start from scratch raid some places looking for vests and back packs,. Occasionally I get lucky and hit the train 1st and get a large BP a 3 plate vest and some decent weapons as well as a stonghold card. Wooohooo So when I get lucky enough to exit the train unmolested by any other teams ( no joke just picked up a sweet set up and got snuffed by a 8 yr old ( sounded like) while I was loading up more plates .. UGH) I will take it to an exfil and get my butt out of dodge. Just because of time left.

Well It usually takes me about 5 naked runs to get out with gear. So last night my last run I go out gear up and I am like OOO strong hold and its 200 meters from the exfil
I mosey over .. hmm doors open bang Im dead as there was already a team in there.

AND lucky me My coms are fubar and I cannot hear anyone cause thank you bugs..
If I had snuck up and heard com chatter I would not have checked it out But yeah me is big dummy and stick my head in door.. sigh..

I swear this portion of the game is SO frustrating.

I think I may have one to beat that.
Loaded in with 2 randoms on that small cliff above the entrance to Rohan Oil. 2 of us drop down, 3rd is afk. A quad flies up on us and kills the 2 of us. I join them and snipe the afk. The 4 of us, without any plates, want to hunt another team. So off we go to gear up and get wasted under oil. All within the first 10 mins of the game starting....
So I was killed twice in 10mins.
Meh. I got killed within a min of trying to get to the train in one of my runs. I will bet I loaded in in 9 outta 10 runs and was snuffed out by either players or bots cause I had zero gear within 2 minutes of load in.

It was quit game reload stim knife and munitions and start new game. No kidding I bet 9 times in a row..
Mine is slightly different, loaded in with no guns or armour - dead on Ashika by the first bot that fired a volley of headshots through the concrete wall alongside the coastline

just now, hitting the waterways on Ashika- in the water in the tunnel under what I call the cave, defuse the first mine and like every game swim under the 2nd mine but the game decides on this occasion to put up an invisible wall and I drown as can’t swim forward, back, up or down. My teammates can’t revive me as my body is showing on the map a further 220 meters below them.

allegedly the development team are fixing bugs but the quality of the product is absolute crap - if I was a developer I’d be embarrassed to say I worked on this rubbish. And then to admit season 2 wasn’t launched as it should sums up the lack of testing and quality control by the dev teams.
the age of the triple AAA title is dead and I suspect so Is this franchise after seeing the latest player numbers
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