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Multi Do you think there will be another COD Ghosts


Honestly I don’t know at all. But I do hope they make a Ghost 2 or make something that connects with the story line of Ghosts. I enjoyed the game and would so grind Ghosts 2 or Ghosts remastered. That’s my honest and truthful opinion. But what do you think about this? Do you think Ghosts 2 will come, do you think there will be a game that connects or do you think it will never happen and have no chance? Comment below on your thoughts and don’t forget to like the comment and follow me on Tapatalk

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There won't. The reception for the game was at most - mixed. But the majority of the casual COD players were returning the game in record numbers. That means the game sold pretty well, but at the same time, it also had a pretty bad reception after launch.

Ghosts was good, but it needed polish. It needed an extra year of development. When the game came out it was met with controversy because of the glitches, spawns, and other crappy circumstances.

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