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Does anyone else play the campaign for the story?

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I really enjoyed World at War and the first Black Ops, and a major reason I did was because those games are based in actual historical events. No doubt that gives the designers a lot of material to work with, but they do a really good job with it in my opinion. They get creative with it. And those historical campaign missions can inspire people to go and learn about real figures and events from history. I'm sure a lot more kids now know who Jonas Savimbi and Manuel Noriega are now.

My favorite missions in BO2 were the ones that took place near the end of the Cold War in the 80s. All of them were good, but the ones from the past really stood out to me. (Although Mason and Woods had a lot to with that too.) I know a lot of people don't play the campaigns at all. BO2 was the first CoD in which I like every single mission. And I am not kidding. If BO2 doesn't get people to play CoD at least somewhat for the campaign, then nothing will.

Am I alone here or is the campaign an important part of CoD to them?


I wouldn't say that they're an "important part" to me, but I do like playing through them. They're typically short, entertaining, blockbuster movie-style spectacles, with a pretty thin plot, but they're still fairly fun to blast through.

I also agree about preferring the games/missions that were worked into known history, as it always gave me a sense of "oh, what will they do next?" (knowing what actually happened, and thinking how that would influence the narrative).


I do as I find the story enjoyable, though if rather cliched in places but Call of Duty games known for their big, blockbuster moments and they are worth it when you play through the campaign.


Yes, I like to eat all the content from my hard earned money. Granted, it's not the best storylines but it is something and I find it quite enjoyable, contrary to others.


I've actually forgotten all about the campaign. I've always played either zombies or multiplayer and I keep putting off starting it. Maybe someday I'll start.
Sure; they're decent if you view them as "leave your brain at the door" action movie-esque plots. With that being said, I wouldn't buy a Call of Duty game for the campaign alone.


Of course. One of the PROS of the Call of duty series is always the story behind it. So for that, I am excited to see what kind of storyline Call of Duty Ghosts have! So excited!


Unfortunately no, I'll play it for a few achievements and that's it. I don't really find Treyarchs Call of Duty story lines to be intriguing as Infinity Wards are. Infinity Ward win when it comes to the story but when it comes to Multiplayer or Zombies Treyarch always seem to perfect.
I do, actually. The stories for the Call of Duty games are not all too bad, in comparison to many other games. Since I'm a pretty heavy reader, I always appreciate a good story, and CoD offers some decent high-octane Tom Clancy-esque stories.


Honestly I hate most games that are single player because I get very bored without friends, but unlike the other CoDs I really enjoyed this ones campaign LOTS of fun and very interesting. I think most people really liked BO2 campaign because of how different it was and unique.


I played some campaign but didn't care much for the story and all the missions started feeling generic after awhile. The true appeal of COD is the multiplayer; that's where it really excels in my opinion.
Each Cod had a great story I appreciate the time they take to make an involved story for each soldier in this alternate universe of deadly militias and traitorous government each campaign in any call of duty has been extremely involved and well written from the fall of the Nazis to saving the world from international terrorists. I can't thank the studios who made these wonderful campaigns enough.


I have played it and it's not bad, but I would always prefer multiplayer. The single mode gives you a nice background movie with small tasks. Playing online is more of a fun challenge.


I feel that the story was so so. But I think these days they probably spend more time on the multiplayer and zombie parts as for a lot of people this is the sole reason for buying the game.
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