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Donation System & Prestige Membership!

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Hi everyone,

Today, I've made a few small changes to the site & added a Donation System! Any donations over $5 will earn you "Prestige" status on the forum. You'll receive special user colors, a private forum, and some of the features announced below.
  • Additional signature permissions
  • Larger private message inbox
  • Glowing username / banner
  • Unlimited post editing ability for your posts
  • Higher quality avatar uploads
You'll also notice that we have a "goal". This will reset every month, and is designed to help the forum grow & reduce some of the costs on my end. You are not required to donate, but for those of you that can, it's incredibly helpful. As donations come in, I'll begin to use those funds to bring in better features for the forum. As more features are desired, you may see the goal increase.

In addition to those features, I'll also use the donations to pay for prizes that we can give away once we've covered server costs. Once you've donated, you'll see a new option for "Private Prestige Forum" at the bottom of the site. This is your private area to converse with other "Prestige" members. It's a sub-community of dedicated users here who chose to donate, and it's a great perk!

Thank you all for your time & dedication here, and I can't wait to see this Call of Duty forum continue to grow!
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