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The Equalizer
Mystery solved..

Was in Warzone this morning.. Had the "Castiel Effect" (patent pending :D ) in the game lobby again..

Then I noticed that it looked like the bright light was tracking with my weapon.. Almost as if I had a really strong flashlight on the barrel... Of course, I would NEVER be so stoopid as to put a beacon, flashlight or laser on my barrel.. :D

But it got me thinking..

My first loadout (which is the loadout you have when yer in the lobby) my primary weapon was the Vulture EXO with reactive plating... Maybe it was causing the glare..

Sure enough, I switched to a different non reactive plating weapon and it was gone..

I would be very interested if anyone else can duplicate this effect.. If you have one, pick a weapon with reactive plating and put it as your #1 loadout.. See if you get the "Castiel Effect" in the lobby..

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