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Drop Shotting: Effective or Not?


I find drop shotting rather ineffective. I see many people do it, and if you have minimal accuracy, it's quite easy to move your site down with the person as they go prone. People attempting to drop shot gives me a good percentage of my headshots. I find that in Black Ops it takes about 2 second to go from upright to prone, which is why I don't tend to drop shot. What are your thoughts on drop shotting?


It's great. Unexpected! I use it quite alot. Jump shotting is quite epic too but it's much harder to do in my opinion.


It's great. Unexpected! I use it quite alot. Jump shotting is quite epic too but it's much harder to do in my opinion.
In my opinion drop shotting is nooby...

Jump shotting is way EASIER also...

I think now the only thing I need to learn is knife launching in MW3 :)


I find it very effective I cant even count how many knives Ive dodged doing this.Its really useless from far to medium range but close distince its awesome,And yes it can get really annoying exspecialy when people do it for every kill Ive even been drop shotted from behind which was weird.It also looks waayyyy cooler than panic knifing
I drop shot, and hate it when i get "drop shotted" but yes it is effective! I used to do it the skill full way (defaut controls) but now i use tactical because it is a lot like the Battlefield 3 controls and drop shotting is 100% easier. Anyone thinking about drop shotting use tactical;) :cool:
Meh i think its kinda pointless, every now and again i would get killed by one, but half the time all i do is shoot a few inches lower and it kills them, the thing is that all they focus on is actually the drop and the noobs forget the shot part of it. then again u could just change the settings to tactical, and people would get pro at it. anyways im thinking its 50-50 effective.

Gaz Jr

It is effective and is sneaky. But I believe drop knifing is more effective because if there are multiple enemies, you can drop knife one and shoot the rest. There's a new tactic for you. Try it. Sometimes it works. Other times it doesn't


Drop shotting is retarded, all it does it make you an immobile easy target. The only people I see doing it are the retards that do it habitually because they saw someone do it once and think they're "pro". The kind of guys that run up behind someone and STILL dropshot even though the guy isn't looking at them...

Strafe jumping around your enemy makes you a much harder target.

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