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E3 2009: Modern Warfare 2 Stage Demo


A few days old now but this was the first time i have watched it.
Its basically a video from Gamespot with gameplay for all of the first mission up to where the E3 stage demo ended.
IW's Robert Bowling confirms we will be able to use a heartbeat sensing weapon as Soap did in the video.

You'll probably want to watch it all, but here are a few important bits to listen out for:

- The ability the later wield heartbeat sensing weapon (5:33)
- Co-Op details (6:40)
- Collector's Edition (12:17)
- New multiplayer modes (12:49)
- The new melee stance (13:00)
- A longer campaign mode (13:47)
- 'Beta?' (14:35) unfortunately they weren't allowed to talk about it at all.

Great interview IMO!


The beginning of the game looks spectacular! I couldn't believe the amount of detail put into the game. I can't wait to play this game!

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