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Xbox Live Eclipse Gaming Syndicate **NEW and RECRUITING**

Hello there potential recruit,

Are you tired of being judged for your game skill? Have you ever wanted a community that you can game with no matter what? Well here at Eclipse Gaming Syndicate, we want to create an atmosphere that allows you to do just that. We are still very new and are trying to get loyal members in to help build the community. We plan on having different things to offer in the community, such as, a ranking system, events, competitive teams (in the future), squads to allow you to have groups of people to game with on similar games, dedicated leadership that wants to provide a unique place for you!

If you are interested or would like more information, you can message me on discord EGS Eagle V#0730 or my Vice President at QueenofM16 IV#0564. You can also join our discord, and talk to our staff there. Here is the discord channel link --> https://discord.gg/hVS5c4d

Or if you feel like you want to join right away, our site link is --> https://egsclan.enjin.com Just register or sign into your Enjin account and then join our site. After that, if you still would like to join, simply click the Join EGS tab on the main menu. If you are on a mobile device, I suggest clicking "view desktop mode" at the very bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately, at this time we only support Xbox One members. Hopefully in the near future we can support other consoles.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Happy Gaming, EGS President.
Right now we have six. We are still brand new, was trying to get a group of leaders together before we opened up recruitment.
Couple of updates. We are now on egs-clan.com . We are still recruiting for Xbox, Inckuding WWII, Fortnite, ESO, and others.

**Brand New** we are now on PS4. We are recruiting members for Fortnite and WWII on PS4.

EGS King

Hey what’s up my name is EGS King I am a Captain at EGS which stands for Eclipse Gaming Syndicate and we are looking too expand doesn’t matter what console ps4 or Xbox one we play multiple different games at the moment our clan is based on making a bigger community of people to play with this way you almost always have a friend online if anyone is interested message me on Xbox my GT is EGS King you have to be at least 15 years or older to join thanks!
I have xbox 1 do you have any members that play Bo2? If so im interested. K/D 2.05.
Best way to contact me is through xbox my GT- KingCali1997.
Thank you.
We are still recruiting for WWII, for PS4 and XB1. We are also recruiting for BO4 on both. Feel free to check us out egs-clan.com. If you are interested you can register and submit an app there, or message our recruitment Twitter. @JoinEGS

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