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Edit and streaming addon


Having the ability to edit your own posts would be nice instead of having to make another post with what you forgot to include in your original.

I know there's a streaming add on xenforo has that allows the community to display their stream. Neogaf has it for reference!


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1. The edit button is gone because some users have abused it in the past. Sorry.
2. I will look into the streaming stuff. (The one on neogaf is custom, F.Y.I.)
3. Welcome to CODForums.com


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What if you set a time limit for a post to be edited?
I'll do that when the site is popular enough, but right now, I just don't want to see users post something and then remove it later, and when I say "remove it," I meant the text, and not just clicking "delete" (I'm not kidding. That did happen.)
Theirs might be, but there's definitely comparable addons - https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xf2-8wr-xenrio-2-streams-pro.6024/
Here's one for example. It might be outdated?(not sure what xf version we're on), but there's for sure some good addons out there!
Yeah, I'll look into buying it. It costs money.
Also, do we have a discord?
I have seen Discords killing forums it was built around.

Like CODForums!