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Tactical Gaming

Multi eE Recruiting Comp. Content. And more

Essence Entertainment

Essence Entertainment (eE) is a newly formed community looking to fill roles (Xbox, PS, PC) for a competitive team for CoD: MW and Battle Royale games as well as others for content creation ie; YouTube, streams etc. More details below for each recruitment placements thanks for your interest! Also welcome to be apart of the community as family. Discord is our main use for communication, active members only please if you join and become inactive for awhile we’ll have to remove you.

Competitive Team. CoD MW
We are looking for DEDICATED members 18 years or older for this comp team as we’re trying to make our way to LAN tournaments. We need serious players who are ready to put hours into practice and scrim grinding the GB ladders etc. We will ask for the group to run current GBs to get some team chemistry going and ensure y’all will work out together. interview and try outs to follow someone’s interest. Team will also be competing in any online tournaments including MLG CMG etc. Any other questions can be taken up in DMs, interview, and or tryouts.
PS not looking for players who are good but cry and whine when they lose and quit... take the L learn from it.
Come grind, win, and make a name for yourself!!!

Battle Royale Competitive.
We are also looking for players who love battle royales but also have incredible talent for them. Looking to build squads for each battle royale game (mainly Blackout, Apex Legends, and Fortnite) to compete in the online tournaments.

Content creation.
Recruiting content creators from pub stomps to vlogs to competitive gameplay etc etc anything in the lines of entertainment will do. 16+ any game, any platform, anytime (more time the better)
Let us know if your interested or for any questions !!

Essence Entertainment was formed between friends who became family, and we’d like to keep that going if your fun love to game and can take a joke we might be the right community for you to join in on and be some great supporters. (16+)

Merchandise is being designed and will roll out here soon!! T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Sweats, Tank Tops, etc in the process!!!

Website is being built and will have member registration with alot of other features !!

Sponsors to be coming soon!!

-Essence Entertainment,
Come Grow With Us!

To contact;
Best for Xbox use Xbox chat and message either LordSor1n or VenomBeast6315
All others can email rag.lordsor1n@gmail.com
With what your interested in
If this forum has comment session, DM, or replies may leave interest here with a way to contact.
If on PS email may be best

Tactical Gaming

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