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Multi Elite Tactical Unit

hi everyone i have a lot of division supervisor positions open for the following:
xbox 360
branch leader

please contact me if your interested

this will be the opportunity of a life time

also we encourage new upcoming clans to join us as well

we offer a lot of assistance to help you expand. This includes recruitment for your clan. assistance in what ever you need. The best thing is, you don't even have to change names! no exchanging in passwords and no tampering with you clan. this is a win win for you clan. let us help you grow and succeed.

If you want to join ETU well your in luck. we have no requirements, and when i say none i mean none. no waiting period and no application!!

we will soon be setting up a paid website instead of the free site, but until we do that. we need you!! so join today, i promise you will not regret joining this great gaming community.

Also we are not only going to stick to black ops or even just call of duty we plan to soon expand to battlefield as well!!

let us know how we can serve you!!

hope to speak to you soon!!

-Elite Tactical Unit

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