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Multi Emerge Gaming eSports | Recruiting


Who We Are

Emerge Gaming was founded in 2022 to bring together like minded individuals who enjoy gaming and playing within a community. Our goal was to go into esports however we realise the value in having casual gamers who are passionate about games to help us on our journey.

What We Do

- Support Competitive Players. A CoD Team and a Valorant Team. Our CoD team competed in Stim League and our Valorant just competed in the CCL League.

- Support and Enjoy Casual Gaming. We have a number of casual members who play a number of titles from CoD Vanguard to Escape From Tarkov.

- Support Content Creators. If you are a streamer, TikTokkernor content creator, we give you the support you need.

- Buikd a fun community. Ultimately, the goal is to enjoy playing with a fun community. Enjoying the games you are passionate about and sharing that with good people.

How We Do It

Discord Community - A full discord community with a number of games and support. Our discord is open to the public.

Social presence - We are active on socials and strive to build a fun community and support our gamers and content creators.

Gaming - CoD Vanguard is the main game we all play. However we also support the following; Valorant, Escape From Tarkov, Halo, Rogue Company.

If you’re interested in joining, you can view our discord here; https://discord.gg/u7FYuxvn

Or add myself on discord and we can talk; PapaCopia#5919

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