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Kaos Ambassador
Aug 30, 2013
[TiC] Havok
Okay so I just recently traded in my XBOX ONE for a PS4. and I bought Infinite Warfare that came with Modern Warfare Remastered. I've got to say for the first time playing IW, I'm having a lot of fun. I'm usually going positive in every game I play, plus people use their mics and actually speak on PS4 (very little on Xbox, from my experience). I don't see anything "wrong" with IW. I would just add more maps as free DLC.


Staff member
Jul 11, 2009
I played the game during the beta, I bought the Legacy Edition (that's what you have, too Chad.) I played the campaign, and the multiplayer. The game's campaign is underrated. It's fuuuuuuucccccccking beautiful. *facepalms and rubs forehead* My god, it's such a fucking beautiful single player experience. It really shows that Infinity Ward poured their hearts into this. Poured every ounce of their programming prowess to make this game gel. Like, gel together.

My problem with the game isn't that the story takes place in the future or whatever bullshit the community wants to throw at Infinite Warfare. If I was Activision or Infinity Ward, I wouldn't change a goddamn thing. The beta was good. The pre-release trailers were good, it just needed a little bit of polish, not a fucking gritty graphics change.

I mean, in the beta, there were some issues, but most of the design choices was often good. The final game's multiplayer felt a little out of place. It's like they changed something. It had nothing to do with the fact the game is futuristic, I just felt like multiplayer got worse in the final game. I do like the game, I just can't play the game for multiplayer.

Zombies? Too fucking cartoony. Who's fucking idea was that? There's a phrase, Infinity Ward: "Don't fix what ain't broke."

The biggest thing about Infinite Warfare is that the game's install size is CRAZY. I had to un-install the game to play something else. I may end up getting the stand-alone MWR if I want to continue playing it.

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