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PSN Eperienced mature adult, 1.30 kd. Master prestige. Looking for dedicated clan.

Hi Scrawnbybh!

Blood Hound Gaming (BHG) is a 140+ member clan that has both casual and competitive groups to fit whatever play style you prefer. We have elite teams for both XB1 and PS4 so if you are looking to play against other clans in 6v6 you can try out for those as well.

If you are interested message me through my PSN: headshot24683

Look forward to hearing you.
  1. Hi mate, if your looking for a friendly clan try us at FishSlapGaming we are a UK and EU clan easy going and enjoy a Good laugh but still play hard when we need too. Must be 18+ and use a mic

    If interested go to our forum and post in the new members section.

    Find us at fsgaming.forumotion.co.uk


    PSN: The-Mas-At-War
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