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PSN [EST] Come help grind out the end of WWII...

Jul 18, 2018
We are seeking to meet up and party with people still toughing it out on WWII as we start gearing up for BO4.

The clan itself has been around as far back as MW3. It's a cool, chill group of adults (18+, I’m hella old myself lol) all of varying skills, and/but with subdivisions in place to help categorize members based on interests and level/ability (e.g., casual player groups, pubstomp sessions, and a section for the GBs/UMG comp-only types).

Here is an excerpt taken from our Policy document, which explains a bit about our organizational structure; if anyone would like to further discuss, please reach out to me and I'd be happy to meet up and provide additional details!


The_Quota [PSN]
ENGAGE eSports Community


Supplemental information pertaining to Competitive Subdivision structure

To clarify general concepts on membership qualifications, participation guidelines, and additional rules otherwise not covered in the Policy and Rulebook

The main policy document presents an overview of three Checkpoints to which incoming members with assistance from Leadership are to address over time, typically upon joining the organization.

As described under Checkpoint 2 (“Where do I belong?”), there exists three general categories:
  1. Casual player. Pubs only. Members who intend to play exclusively in public matches, and possess no personal interest in competitive game play. Use of custom games are mostly for having a friendly interaction and are focused solely on casual fun.
  2. Competitive player.
    1. Tier 1 - Competitive Elite. Members of the Competitive Elite are considered a subset of our Competitive category. They are seriously dedicated, top-tier players with the knowledge and skill, devotion to strategy and teamwork, and importantly, have the necessary time and commitment capability to do some serious work out in the competitive scene.
    2. Tier 2 - Pubs elective. Members who wish to focus on their competitive edge and are actively engaged in the community’s comp events; examples include Team Scrims, ‘Learn the Map’ and similar scheduled training sessions, and ENGAGE Clan Wars. Members may also be quite capable of performing well at Tier 1 but nonetheless have limited or no competitive experience with GBs, UMG, etc. Generally, Competitive players tend to spend significant time practicing and training with others in private and/or publicly accessible custom games.
    3. Tier 3 - Other. Life circumstances, work/family schedule, and personal interests are important considerations. For example, while a member may certainly qualify for Competitive Elite, perhaps he or she is currently not seeking, or able to participate on an Elite Team. Wherever applicable, rosters will denote those members who fall outside of the above described categories with the term “Other” and include a brief statement describing placement into this category
Jun 18, 2017
Hello! I’ve been around the COD scene for a really long time but managed to take a break for about a two to three months to focus on other projects. I’m looking to get back into the competitive scene of COD as I’m just transferring over from the R6S scene. I was just wanting to inquire about any positions on your competitive scene and see if I could join/build chemistry with whoever I team with! Thanks!
Jul 18, 2018
Hello and thanks for replying... yes absolutely we are trying to build up chemistries with one another and figure out some of the comp stuff etc. as we get ready for Oct BO4 launch. Please message me on PSN if you would like to meet up and further discuss. Thanks and ttys!

Jul 18, 2018
We ended up trying something new and it’s been kinda fun... we set up a channel in our discord for anyone to join who’s looking to party up and ride out the end of wwii, also we have a few comp teams looking to finalize their rosters and gel a bit in prep for BO4. Come hang and check us out y’all.

Any of you pubs types and/or those looking for a comp team, we have a “isinterested” channel that’s separate from our main channels but it’s been a blast and so come hang for a bit and see what it’s about


Jul 18, 2018
Tonight (Friday) we will be hosting 1 or more (?) rooms for partying up and grinding some pubs, we’d love to hang with some new peeps so if you’re around this eve hmu on PSN and let’s get you in and meeting us.

Also - anyone looking for more comp type stuff, we are getting together tomorrow (Saturday) to run some more mock scrims, it’s been good times and so if that’s your thing by all means come hang and check it y’all.

It’s a great group, if you’re looking for something other than the typical clan type stuff (no offense you other clans lol) then let’s go, come chill with us for a bit!


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