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Xbox Live [EU/NA] Distortion Gaming - Recruiting


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Distortion Gaming is a new multi-gaming community that is targeted at EU/US players that focus most of there time gaming on Xbox, regardless of skill. We try to provide a friendly and active home for it's members. We have members that have been apart of many communities as far back as the halo 3 era. With that experience of the up and downs of the communities we have been apart of, we believe we can provide the best experiences like minded gamers are after.

Call Of Duty:

We accept players of all skill levels. Though our purpose is to have fun and a good time we always try to go for the win and help each other improve. As Black OPS 4 releases we will be slowly transitioning to that title starting on release day.

Also as we are new, we are looking for Call Of Duty players that are interested in becoming divisional leaders to help with finding more like minded gamers and help set up game nights. So if you're interested be sure to contact us below.


Here is a quick summary of the main requirements before you think about joining...
- At least 16+
- Have the ability to use discord on a weekly basis
- Have the ability to game with the community at least once a week
- Own a working headset for Xbox and speak fluent English
- Own Call of Duty WW2 one on Xbox


- We do provide ranks based on commitment/leadership and divisions based on games we currently play. Which will be updated as we continue our journey as a community
- We only use Discord and Xbox as our means of communication as they're both simple and easy to use.

Contact Info:

Any questions please feel free to contact me via these means

Xbox: DG Keeno
Discord: https://discord.gg/U8a9MsY

Thanks for you time!

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