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Ever scrimmed in CoD4?

I am a very competitive counter strike source player. I do 2-6 scrims daily in it and it has become a regular thing to me. I scrimmed once in CoD4 and it was so different! I was used to pubbing and decided to go into a scrim so i rang for a team and played. The skill of the players was so much better. I knew it would be, just like counter strike. I thought I was a half decent player since I usually top-fragged in every pub server! Seems like people who scrim always scrim and never play in pubs which is why I got all the baddie kills :p. I'm gonna stick with scrimming in css and pubbing in cod haha. BTW I found out I was played with Cal-Main kids when it was still alive xD


Nope, I never found a Call of Duty 4 clan. I would like to scrim in Call of Duty 4 because I played Counter-Strike 1.6 competitively for two or three years in cal-intermediate. Hopefully I'll find a team in Modern Warefare 2.

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