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ExFil With The Big Boy


The Equalizer
wheres the fuel for that thing and is that different then calling in you own exfil

It's in a green gas can marked HEAVY CHOPPER GAS.. It's strewn all over the map...

And yes, it's different.. All you have to do is fly out of bounds in the Heavy Chopper and poof... Yer Exfil'ed... :D


The Equalizer
awsome and i noticed today theres a new 2400 bundle classic ghost and it gives you another active duty slot.

That's awesome!! Anything that minimizes the ridiculous DMZ cool down is a good thing..

If you buy the EOD pack for 1200 COD, it gives you the blueprint of the Sakin LMG... When you lose it, it's only a 15 min cool down..

I like all these little tricks that make DMZ more palatable...

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