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Extremely poor graphics after the last update

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After the last update of the game, the graphics on the game have become extremely poor. It's almost impossible to play the game. There is little detail, texture, almost impossible to see things further than 10 meters. Exremely poor graphics overall.

the game worked fantastic last Thursday 26/3-20. I played the game for the first time after the update on Friday 27/3-20. The problem started after the update.

I've tried playing the game on a Base Xbox One and a brand new Xbox One S. I've tried different HDMI cables. I have tried different TV and game monitors. I've tried resetting the xbox. I have tried to change isntiller on both the xbox and the game. Nothing works.

Can anyone help me solve the problem?


Did you try hard rebooting your Xbox? I'm not exactly sure because I play on PS4 but I know sometimes they need a hard reset (meaning holding the power button).


Do you have pictures or videos of what you're experiencing? I know sometimes with how big the WarZone world is, it takes a bit to render in textures.
Not open for further replies.
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