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Fair Use, Copyright, and My Thoughts


As the title suggests, this thread is my feelings about the "where's the fair use" fight, copyright law regarding YouTube, and so on. A word of warning: my thoughts on this are not black and white. So I'm not wholly on one side or the other. This is because throughout my life, my thinking has been to reject extremism on both sides, and absolutism in general. I believe "right and wrong", for lack of a better term, shifts depending on the circumstances, the people, and the facts.

I believe that the "where's the fair use" fight spearheaded by YouTubers is quite a valid fight, especially concerning reviews and satire. Visual aids may not be necessary, but they help a hell of a lot. In addition, many YouTubers have ended up switching from day jobs to make YouTube their only source of income. Therefore, the monetization they derive from these videos is what they need to survive. In some cases, they're too many years removed from day jobs to retrain. In addition, many of the fair use or copyright claims are often by people who want to slam back at people giving negative reviews, most notable Derek Savage's takedowns of reviews of his horrid excuse for a film "Cool Cat Saves the Kids", or Nick Swardson taking down reviews of Bucky Larson. In a lot of ways, studios and companies are relying tactics like these because of the failure of SOPA and PIPA to be passed, and it is reprehensible.

That said, the YouTuber can just as easily be in the wrong. For full playthroughs of games, I believe those should not be monetized, and that we should get the joy of those for free. Same with posting music from albums, concert videos and so on. And of course, there are the cases where there is a deal in place with studios to allow visual aids but not monetization or vice versa. The ugly Angry Joe debacle is exhibit A in this. His lunatic antics, blatant falsehoods, constant shedding of the convictions he purports to have, and his air of entitlement is just absolutely appalling. Simply put, he broke a deal that was made that can stand up in court, and he has no shot of winning. The arrogance of this bastard is thoroughly astounding. His association as part of the WTFU team only hurts the team's image and goals thoroughly.

I believe that change is possible, but that it won't be the visions of utopia the WTFU brigade wants to have. I hope there is some middle ground that can be reached.


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This has been on every single gaming news site. It spread so far enough, it reaches even the most popular youtuber. The problem isn't black and white all that much, it also has a grey area. Call of Duty: WWII videos were a subject of this fiasco, also. Then, you got PewDiePie, who was a subject of racism and was livestreamed. The WWII situation was so dumb, it makes google look like a dumbass. The whole point of Call of Duty was to bring gaming into the mainstream, it's even a series that's known for playing in and within the eSports growth. It was the genesis of eSports, even. Without Call of Duty, we probably would have a stunted growth for competitive gaming. Not even Street Fighter would've grown it. You needed a large market for that. Which Street Fighter doesn't have. Thing is, before eSports was even a thing, Capcom was the one who started doing tournaments.

Back on subject; Youtube's algorithm caught much of Call of Duty: WWII's videos and set the userbase on fire by removing much of the income for youtubers. Controversy ensued thanks to what's going on in politics right now. However, I was just listening to a video, and the person was on point in the video...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRtAThJE9hc

The problem with YouTube's actions is that it's not going about it the right way. It's alienating itself so much that it's a poor business decision. YouTubers small and big are actually both your "employee" and your customer.


Yes, there certainly is no easy answer to the situation, certainly not the simplistic and unrealistic desires of both sides. I hope that things can be resolved in a way that everyone gets enough of what they want to be satisfied.
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