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Far Cry 4


The Equalizer
Since WARZONE is being more of a turd than usual, I have gotten into FAR CRY 4 again..

I LOVE Pagan Min... He is the kewlest baddie of the FAR CRY series..

"I am terribly sorry about all this. This was supposed to be very simple, but you know if you give food to monkeys, they just throw their shit at each other."
-Pagan Min

hehe I love the guy..

But what I REALLY love about FC4 was the moral dilemma it puts you in..

For those that don't know the story, Kyrat is a fictional country at the base of the Himalayas.. Pagan Min is the bad guy king... Ruthless and unforgiving...

The Golden Path are the good guys and it's run by two people. Sabal (Neveen Andrews of LOST fame) and Amita...

They both have 2 diverging opinions on how Kyrat should be run after Min is deposed..

Amita is the practical one... Sabal is the spiritual one..

Thru the course of the game, you have to decide whose path you are going to follow.. Amita's or Sabal's

Amita wants to preserve Kyrat's opium/heroin trade to fund Kyrat after Min is gone.. As an LEO (there is no such thing as a "former" cop....) this completely rubs me the wrong way and I refuse to let my path (in the game) go anywhere close to being a drug runner...

On the other hand, Sabal is overly religious and wants to force a 12 year old girl, Bhadra, to become the living embodiment of some Kyrat goddess.. Being that I am as agnostic as they come, these overly religious tones ALSO rub me the wrong way...

But this dilemma is what makes FC4 so enjoyable... It's a MAJOR mind frak...

When it all comes to a head you (as the character in the game) must decide who will lead the Golden Path.. And to the one who loses, you must decide to kill that person for the good of the Golden Path or let them run away into exile..

Far Cry 4 really makes you make difficult choices... It's awesome!!!

Of course, it's just a game so you can cut loose and be whatever you want to be..

But the moral dilemma is very tantalizing..

To put it into a CALL OF DUTY context, you remember COD 2 (or was it COD 3??) where you had infiltrated Makarov's gang and you had to participate in Makarov's terrorist attack on a Russian airport???

It's like that except the whole game of FC4 puts that kind of dilemma front and center....

For the record, in that part of COD2 (3??) I simply went around shooting in the air... I did not kill any civilians or cops... It was dicey but I could sleep at night..

Anyways,. I just thought I would share... :D


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I have this game but haven't completed it, I started a mission on the storyline and discovered that I have the completely wrong loadout with me, now I can quit and start it again, or try to muddle through, but have not found the motivation to do either option.

I do want to know how my 3080 will perform with this title, I have played it on my 2070S, but not with this GPU, but even that hasn't been enough for me, so I guess I should try it.

Have you seen the alternative ending/starting?


The Equalizer
Yea, I have... It's funny that, if you simply follow Pagan Min's instructions at the beginning, you can complete the game in as little as 10 mins.. :D

But what fun is that!? hehehe

Far Cry 5 is really immersive and I liked it a lot... FC PRIMAL was really fun as well...

But FC4 really gave me a moral dilemma that I had not found in any other FC series...
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