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Favorite CoD Map of All Time

So, all the way up to BOPS2, what is your favorite Call of Duty map of all time? Give an explanation as to why.
And in case you need to refresh your memory, here is a link to all of the maps, including DLC.

Personally, I'm going to have to choose Firing Range. I had a lot of fun with the first Black Ops, and FR was no doubt my favorite on that game. I love the close quarters and the abundance of gun fights that take place. There weren't too many places to hide so you really had to showcase your skills and knowledge of the game. I also have many great memories playing GB on that map.

Notable mentions: Crash, Raid, Standoff, Vacant, Scrapyard, Highrise


I'd have to say either trailer park or terminal, they were both amazing in my opinion! Nice mix of long/short range combat and they were both bright and colorful maps, there was just something special about MW2's maps, not too sure what it is though..


Oh definitely Sub Base or Terminal from MW2. I agree with Mspatt for sure! There's something about MW2 maps such as Afghan that are big to Terminal which are creative, High rise was so good too, to small maps like Rust. Wasteland was so fun with those tunnels. Sub base was my absolute favourite because I knew ever spot and ever turn to the timing. Oh this game was amazing. Whoever made those maps deserves an Oscar!


I have so many favorites from Black Ops… tough to choose. I'd say my favorite is Nuketown mostly because that's where I got my first 100 kills and it's extremely easy to spawn kill. Plus it's the best map for a chopper gunner! Second favorite would be Summit; I love the elevated snow setting and the middle area is a nice addition.


My favorite COD 2 map is raid. It is a great map for search and destroy, plus it has a modern feel to it. I also like that it is difficult for campers to hide in this map. Which is nice because I do not like camping.... unless it is in the woods with a tent. The one thing I did not like this map for was hardcore TDM.


My favourite map in Black Ops 2 is Standoff, simply because it is easy to understand and has some great vantage points as well as some good close combat sections in, the house is another personal favourite area of mine to equip a sniper rifle or an LSAT and just fire away at anything that moves.
I would say it's between Shipment from COD 4 and Nuketown from Black Ops and Black Ops 2. I love the small maps that have plenty of action and because you're able to get the action so fast after respawning, the gameplay on those maps relies far less on high killstreaks. Overall I think COD 4 had the best maps especially when it came to balance, at least in my opinion.


I can't decide between a CoD 2 map called Toujane and a MW2 map called Estate. I like Toujane because my first multi-player game was CoD2, and guess what the first map was? I loved playing on that map, and I know it by heart now, just like a lot of people know de_dust2 in CS by heart. I like the Estate map MW2 because that was one of the most impacting moments of the campaign for me, when *SPOILERS*Roach and Ghost died*SPOILERS*. Also, I loved being in that house and pretending I'm defending it from incoming enemy forces. Plus, I would like having a weekend house on a mountain, similar to that map.


My favorite map in COD was Shipment from Cod 4. I spent so much time in there, and it was just constant fast paced action, like Call of Duty is supposed to be. I know I'm not the only one who loved it, because there are still hundreds of servers up and running with it on PC. There were so many flanking routes, and every kill felt like another adrenaline rush. You had to keep on your toes, and it was hard to camp.
It's a tie between Terminal and Highrise, both from Modern Warfare 2. They're both so beautiful and so well made, that I know almost all corners of each map after playing them through hundreds of times.


If we are counting zombies maps in this discussion, I would have to say Origins. It has such a large scale for a zombie map and an incredible amount of extras and easter eggs to uncover. Even after playing quite a few times, I still have not been able to complete everything that the map has to offer. The giant robots and other weird additions may be a huge change from other zombies maps, but once you get used to it, this map will probably become your favorite.

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