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Favorite Maps


So... As the title says, what are your guy's favorite maps? I personally like Euphrates Bridge and Shoothouse a lot. The nature of shoothouse is just pure CQC fun to me, rushing with an SMG and wrecking everything and one. Gotta love it. Conversely, I feel like Euphrates Bridge is the opposite, with a lot of area for long range combat with snipers or marksman rifles. I also find myself enjoying matches on Gun Runner and Grazna Raid. Hackney Yard is fun if you're playing with the right team, and absolutely terrible if you get caught on the wrong team.

In contrast, I find myself dreading any match I enter and it's Picadilly. I don't know who thought that map was designed well, but damn it's annoying. I like the idea they had going with it, but they just missed the mark a little.

All in all, I would say that I enjoy all of the maps that they've included in the game. I can't wait to see what new additions come with it.


Staff member
Top 3 Maps for me are:
1. Grazna Raid
2. Gun Runner
3. Rammaza

Piccadilly is a visually a good looking map, but the issue is the map design and spawn points.


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How do you feel about Arklov Peak or whatever it’s called? I really enjoy the aesthetic of that map.
It has some map design philosophy as Grazna Raid, but there are parts of the maps that favor the camper. Like the sides, especially on the church side.

It's a nice map, but there are some flaws in there.
In no specific order:

1. Gun Runner

2. Shoot House

3. St. Petrograd


On the flip side though, looking at all maps as a whole- they all have noticeable flaws. Whether it's certain spawn points where you're literally *seen* spawning back into the match or simply cursed with spawning on the enemy side in objective modes like Domination.

Although overall all maps are really well made, do have flaws here and there, but pleasing nonetheless.

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