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Favourite killstreak combination.


So what is your favourite killstreak combination in Black Ops? I have 2 setups. The first one is for when I want to play good and try hard. It is chopper gunner->blackbird->attack dogs. The other is when I mess around and play for fun with something like a shotgun or any other underused guns that people don't use often. It is spy plane->care package->mortar team.


I like starting out with the UAV. In teams, it always helps out the entire team, and for free-for-all, it can give me just enough time to kill in order to get the next two killstreaks.

After that, I'll usually go with lightning strike, which is really handy if I can already see enemies on my radar. Next is usually sentry gun, which I've only got a half dozen times.


Blackbird, Chopper Gunner and Attack Dogs. Or I'll go lower with a UAV, CG and Attack Dogs if I'm feeling rusty.

Even without killstreaks, it's still easy to get a really good score. I usually die one off my streaks anyways so might as well keep them high :p
Mine would always be Blackbird, Chopper, Dogs. Once you got 8 kills (7 with hardline) you will get your Blackbird which will show all the enemies and the direction they are pointing (and it doesn't refresh, it's constant). One more kill and you will get a Chopper Gunner. 2 more kills and you get dogs. It's really easy once you have your Black Bird.


I personally prefer using UAV/Chopper Gunner/Attack Dogs simply because once I pop the UAV, the rest are easy to obtain. Having a Blackbird is definitely better, but it's much faster to cycle through all your killstreaks when you use UAV. It is for me anyway.

Quacker Jack

It depends what game mode I am playing. If I am playing a team oriented game mode, such as Demolition, I will go for CounterUAV (since everyone uses UAV), Sentry Gun, Blackbird. If I am playing by myself, I will go for Blackbird, Chopper Gunner, and Attack Dogs. I may put a SAM Turret in though, depending on how the other team is playing.


Usually blackbird, chopper gunner, and dogs. It's a very useful combination that gets you the most kills. Once you get a blackbird it's fairly easy to get the next two. Another combination I like is counter-spy plane (to target others that use UAV/blackbird), napalm, and attack helicopter.


The ones I always go for is blackbird, chopper gunner, and dogs. I am always aiming for the most kills and these are the ones that usually give me the most.


I like using attack chopper, lighting strike and dogs. I think you need 7 kill streak to get the chopper, 11 for lighting strike and 18 for dogs. I think it is a pretty good combination, and I see that others use the same thing, too. Anyway, my son says it is a pretty good combination, and I believe him. I


I usually go for RC-XD, Care Package then attack dogs, but it depends on the match and who I'm playing against. I get tempted to use blackbird, but I rarely look at my map, even though everyone tells me I should!

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