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PSN Female looking for warzone clan


My name is Nicole, im 26 and live in Ireland. I normally play with one friend every night but we are looking for more people to play with.

I've been playing COD for many years now but only recently got into warzone.

We are very chilled players/ have mics and over 20s only please.

Add my PSN ItsMyKitchen_

You can also leave your psn and I will add you :)

Hey Nicole!

Check out my clan TROG (UK/Europe). We play a range of different games but every night there is someone playing warzone. Currently we have two women in the clan so would be good to get some more! We are a mixed gaming platform clan, so we have xbox and PC so far, also we are a mix of all ages, youngest being 22, oldest being... old haha.

You don't need to be a good player either, we don't care about skill just as long as you have fun

Anyway, check us out here https://troggaming.enjin.com/ and if you think it's right for you then please do apply :)

- Bumblebee


Tired of playing solo trying to run with randoms? Don't want to deal with the toxicity of random lobbies? Then BlackWater Gaming (BWG) is the place for you. We have active members always looking for someone to squad up with. We're currently recruiting for ages 18+ casual and competitive players for all platforms. We're also welcoming content creators. COD and Apex are our current Primary Game Focus, but other gaming is welcomed too. No expectations to meet as far as stats. Our Discord server is our main way to communicate, as far as finding other members to squad up with, keep up with clan news, tournaments, etc.... Promotions based on time in the clan, but we are also always welcome for members taking on bigger roles within the clan. We also try to host tournaments and custom lobby game nights when we can. Check out our page and message us if you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/BWGClan/


18+ new community. Feel free to check us out.

Something new, a start-up gaming community. A place for gamers to connect, relax, create and have fun. To begin, we are looking only to start with Call of Duty (MW, Warzone and Cold War) and eventually grow to include other titles down the road. ***We are now opening up to add Battlefield players as the announcement for the new title will be out soon***

We encourage engagement but there is no purging or kicking of members due to inactivity. Our member must be 18+ and we understand time is a valuable commodity and we wish to as accommodating as possible. We want to encourage creation and growth for those who stream and create YouTube content.

That being said, we are not looking for people who are solely interested in stacking friends lists, Twitch streamers/ YouTubers only looking for follows, people who are peddling products, services or pushing their own website, and those that wish to poach members or advertise their own personal Discord/Guilded servers. These things are toxic to our community and will result in immediate bans. We want people who want to be part of a community.


Social interaction and fun above all else is what we look for

Must be 18+

Discord/Guilded mobile and/or desktop

Play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and/or Nintendo Switch

Readable Discord/Guilded name (no special characters, invisible names or stylized letters)

Do not post an inappropriate Discord/Guilded status.

There will be zero tolerance for any form of racism, sexism or any other negative or toxic "ism's" etc.

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