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Fennec Build

Probably the highest fire rate gun in the game now the Fennec can down enemies quickly but comes with a kick due to high recoil. I designed my build around controlling the recoil while giving it a big boost in accuracy and range to hit targets at further away without the gun jumping all over the place.
ZLR 18" Deadfall Barrel (Increased control, range and accuracy and sound suppression)
ZLR Blade Stock (Increased Control and Accuracy)
Commando Foregrip (Increased Control and Accuracy)
40 Round Drum Magazine (More Ammo. You will need it.)
Scout Pro Optic (Increased Accuracy and Range) The scout works best for me on SMGs having a good range but allowing you to still engage at close range. If you more range I would suggest the Cronen C480 Pro Optic.
Slight Of Hand - (Faster Reload) If not running a scope I would recommend slight of hand since you will be reloading often.
Scavenger Perk - You will burn through ammo pretty fast so it wouldn't hurt.
Pistol - Have a pistol as your secondary for if you do run out of ammo.

I still don't know if I like the Fennec or not.

My very first game with it I got a juggernaut killstreak. The next game after that I kept running out of bullets after one or 2 shootout. It has been going back and forth like that ever since. One epic match followed by a complete disaster the next when I use the fennec.

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