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Finishing moves and other upgrades


New to the game. Could someone explain to me how these work? When I hit E when behind someone I saw a "move". When I hit E when facing someone it is only a blow to the head, as many as it takes to0 kill them by hitting E. I guess I earned a finishing move that I didn't know I had?

Also, how do you change or pick between finishing moves you've bought in packages?

At some point, I thought I was killed by blue tracer rounds that seemed to continue to glow or sparkle after I was down? What upgrade or package was that? Maybe it wasn't blue. Are there colors to buy?
I'm on console but the idea is the same. If you hold the melee button when behind someone, the finishing move will execute. They can be standing, crouching and prone. Prone has different finishing styles. To select your finishing move, you need to choose an operator and customize them. They may or may not have multiple styles unlocked. Each finishing move is unique to the operator.
Tracer rounds can be purchased through the online COD store. The available colors right now are Blue, Red, Pink and Green. Each tracer pack is unique the an individual weapon and is not universal. These packs will rotate throughout the store.

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